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Established in 1991 (as The Institute of Plastic Art Education in The College of Pedagogy in Zielona Gora), The Institute of Visual Arts is the only Higher Education department in
Lubuskie providing education in art. Since 1999, it has been a Department of the University of Zielona Gora and it currently has a staff of 24 (including 4 professors and 9
doctorates in addition to a number of visiting academics deliver modules) who provide full-time courses in the following areas:

Art Education in Fine Arts (BA and MA)
Painting (BA and MA)
Graphics (BA)
Interior Design (BA)

The following Departments provide education in art and science:
Studio of Painting
Studio of Interior Design and Sculpture
Studio of Graphics
Studio of Multimedia
Studio of Theory and History of Art

Modules are provided on painting, drawing, multimedia, workshop graphics, photography, graphic design, multimedia, sculpture, interior design, and art workshops.

Facilities at The Institute of Visual Arts include well-equipped studios for painting (50) drawing (3), graphics workshops (4), laboratories and photography studios (6). There are also 16
computer stations with computer aided graphic design, animation, photography and interior design, a studio for sculpture, and a 100-seat lecture theatre with AV facilities. Students have
access to the department’s library.

The Institute also a gallery for photography, a students’ gallery – EFKA and there is a scientific group – PPW.

Through The Erasmus Programme, we cooperate with other higher education institutions internationally, LLP, other tertiary institutes and departments of art in Poland, factories and
design companies.

Some alumni have gone on to national and international success.


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